Welcome to First Church!

At First Presbyterian Church, we believe faith is a pilgrimage - a quest, a holy journey - which leads us to the discovery that God has all along been searching for us.  

Because all people are the beloved children of God, everyone is welcome here.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are invited to come and be a part of this community.   God loves you just the way you are.  We seek to be a safe place for skeptics and doubters as well as for believers. We encourage you to ask questions, to engage your doubts, and to explore your gifts.  We believe in open minds, open hearts, open spirits, and open hands. 

We welcome people from all backgrounds and viewpoints.  We find strength in our diversity. We don’t ask you to check your brains or your unique identity at the door.  We do ask that you give that same acceptance and respect to others.  This kind of faith has variously been called “Spacious Christianity, Big Tent Christianity or Generous Orthodoxy.

You will meet people here at many different places theologically and spiritually. And we love it that way. We want to be a place where our diversity brings us together and where conversation takes us all deeper in our understanding of God. 

Our programs and services are open to all people. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Our Christian faith inspires this ministry, we seek to share our faith and experiences with God but never to impose on anyone.  God is gracious with all people and we strive to do the same. 

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