Spiritual Formation

We believe that faith is a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage, a quest for a closer relationship with the living God and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.  

Spiritual formation is the activity of God which molds our lives into the likeness of Jesus Christ. This likeness is one of deep intimacy with God and genuine compassion for all creation. The Spirit works not only in the lives of individuals but also in the church, shaping it into the Body of Christ. We cooperate with  this work of the Spirit through certain practices which make us more open and responsive to the Spirit's touch, disciplines such as Sabbath keeping, works of compassion and justice, discernment, worship, hospitality, spiritual friendships, and contemplative silence.

Stillpoint  Center for Spiritual Living

Stillpoint, our Center for Spiritual Living,  exists to help people grow in their Spiritual Formation.  We have a prayer labyrinth, as well as, stations to learn about many spiritual practices and disciplines.  Of course, it is not enough to simply learn about spiritual disciplines.  Formation happens when we practice a spiritual discipline over time.  After exploring various disciplines, we discover which practices help us grow closer to God.   

If you click on the Spiritual Practices tab above,  you will find information about a few of the practices featured in our Center for Spiritual Living.  For assistance in your spiritual growth please contact our pastor at 574-533-7845.