Generosity can change lives

Giving is a principle that is taught throughout the entire Bible.  When we tithe and give, we are expressing worship in a tangible way by putting God first in our lives, all while allowing us to be part of the most important work in life: sharing God's love!

Not having cash or a check book on hand doesn't have to hold you back from giving, you can give today online.  To do this, please click on the Make a Donation button below to submit your one-time or recurring gift.  

You can also give to First Presbyterian Church in worship on Sundays or by mail.   If you would prefer to mail in your gift, please send your check to First Presbyterian Church, 215 E. Lincoln Ave, Goshen, IN 46528.  

Grace, Gratitude and Giving

God’s blessings on each of us are without end. As a church, we worship together, we celebrate new life and new love together, we strive to raise thoughtful loving children together, we mourn the loss of loved ones and celebrate their lives together, and we work shoulder to shoulder to carry out mission work together. Each of us has the ability to live God’s love every day and make our world a brighter place. As a congregation, and as part of God’s Church universal, that impact is magnified exponentially. The benefits and rewards are abundant and eternal. How then will we show our gratitude and share God’s light in the world?

First Church, and each of us, are called to be there for one another and to live God’s love in all we do. As we learn about Jesus and strive to be the disciples he calls us to be, we realize it takes intentional action to make a positive impact in this world. First Church provides each of us with meaningful worship, Christian education, community, and enriching mission opportunities. We are called to intentionally engage in this work. By pledging your financial support, as well as your time and talent, you ensure that the vibrant ministries and outreach at First Church will continue. Please intentionally act today and complete your pledge forms. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

How Much To Pledge

  • We are called to live God’s love in all we do. Supporting God’s church with our time, talent, and treasure is a tangible way to respond to this call.
  • Tithing is the Biblical standard of giving 10% of annual income to the church. Some achieve this goal, some set it as a goal.
  • If you currently pledge to First Church, please consider increasing the amount of your annual gift as you are able, to move closer to 10%.
  • If you don’t currently pledge, please make this the year that you start. You will join others who ensure the continued thriving ministries at First Church.
  • Every pledge is important to First Church! No pledge is too large or too small if it’s given in gratitude to God.
  • Your giving level is strictly confidential. Nobody in the congregation has access to individual pledge amount information.

Click here to download the 2021 Pledge Form