Some Thoughts about Our Worship Experiences

Worship at First Presbyterian is a comfortable blend of relaxed dignity and reassuring ritual.

Our services last about seventy minutes, in a time devoted to intellectual curiosity, spirit lifting music, moments of laughter, meaningful heartfelt prayers, the warmth of a community celebration.

The sermons are encouraging, lively, and stimulating. Our goal is to praise God, build our community of faith and to celebrate God's inclusive love.

Our service is usually led by the pastor, an assisting layperson, and our gifted Director of Music Marcia Yost and phenomenal organist Marilyn Mason. The worship service flows between music, prayer, scripture and proclamation, as we enter together into God's presence.

The music is sometimes led by our spectacular organ, other times by piano or guitar. Sometimes we sing the great hymns of the church, and other times we lift our voices in contemporary praise songs, or perhaps a spiritual or Taize. Our services includes both lively congregational singing as well as special music designed to touch our hearts in the way only music can.

Although there is a common structure to each service of worship, there is not a  sense of just going through the motions, since each service is planned individually, with every element designed to enhance and communicate the central theme and message of the service. As in any true worship service, the celebration of God's love and grace is central.  

Some come in business causal, some in jeans or shorts. Our pastor  usually wears  a clerical  robe. Please dress in the way you are most comfortable.

Our worship is led without being stuffy, seeking to share a sense of joy, laughter, discovery and relaxed reverence. Feel free to come as you are, for God accepts each of us just as we are, with our doubts and faith, our hopes and fears, our successes and failures.

If you would like to worship alongside others who are daily seeking to follow Jesus Christ, or if you just want to explore what Jesus might mean to you, please join us. 

Our Understanding of Worship